Biak Massacre

22:03 Jan 30 2017 Pulau Biak, Papua, Indonesia

Mama Tineke Rumakabu, a victim of extreme violence in the Biak massacre. (Biak is an island of West Papua or Irian Jaya) She was divorced by her first husband because of the shame he felt after she was raped and tortured. Mama Tineke then had to leave her children and village. In January 2013, Mama Tineke and her new husband had become figureheads of the non-violent movement of the Biak people against the oppressive and cruel Indonesian government. In late 2015 Mama Tineke returned to her children and village. This documentary film captures her homecoming and the long and painful journey preceding it. It also seeks to show that the spirit of nationalism continues to thrive in West Papua. More info:
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